DIY Football Turf Banner

I come from a big football family. I’ve known football my whole life and I’ve attended more football games than I can remember. Seriously, I remember life events based on football season…scary, huh?! I love any type of tailgate or football party… casual yet always fun! I am hosting our second annual Super Bowl Party in a few days and wanted to share with you this fun and easy banner I made. This banner would also be cute for a football or soccer themed birthday party. It is made to resemble turf.

I found all my supplies at Hobby Lobby. You will need:

Unroll the green moss mat until flat, with the backside facing up. I used a pendant stencil and drew the pendants on the back with a sharpie. If you alternate them up and down with no space in between you will get more pendants out of the roll.

Using a scissor, cut out the pendants.

After all the pendants have been cut out, use the alphabet stencils to spell out what you want the banner to say. I did “SUPER BOWL LI” and “CONCESSION STAND” for my party. I recommend using painters tape to tape the stencil down so it doesn’t move while you are painting.

Using the white craft paint and foam brush, dab your paint on to the pendant. Let dry for several hours before removing. You can do a second coat if you want the paint to be a brighter white as the fabric will absorb some of the first layer.

After your letters have been painted, use a single hole punch to punch holes in either side of each pendant. String together with the ribbon.

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