Don’t let store-bought herbs go to waste: how to root in water

Do you hate buying herbs at the grocery store because they are too expensive?  Especially when you only need 1/10th of what comes in the package? Do you find yourself throwing over half of it away because you didn’t use it all?

Today I am sharing with you a simple solution to this problem, rooting store-bought herbs in just a jar of water! Did you buy some green onion and now its about to go bad? No problem, place in a jar of water and watch roots magically grow! Within a week, roots will sprout. Transplant to soil when the roots are an inch or two long.  Make sure plant receives some sunlight and water regularly.

This works for most herbs: basil, mint, thyme, oregano, parsley, rosemary, green onion, lemon verbena, and sage. You can also grow your plant by re-harvesting. Cut your stems as they grow, re-root in water, then plant in same pot.  This is an easy way to double your harvest at no extra cost. Give friends a cutting to start their own plant is also a nice way to share your herb wealth!

Now you have a small herb garden whenever you need it for recipes! There is nothing better than a fresh herb in a recipe. As a host, presentation is everything. Garnishing with different herbs will be sure to make your dish unique!


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